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Dear friends! Our company is a world class supplier of Standard and Custom Cables, such as Fiber Optic Patch Cords, Coaxial Cables, Ethernet UTP/STP Patch Cables, Fiber Attenuators, Converters, Cisco Cables, Telco Cables, Bulk Cable, Connectors, USB Products, Infiniband, HDMI and DVI, Fibre Channel and Cabling Testers & Tools, with a tradition that spans over two decades.

Our primary markets include the computer, communications, instrumentation, telecomm, cable television, as well as data & information processing industries. We manufacture and provide products to both commercial and government accounts - at federal as well as local level.

Our secure On-Line Store makes available to you a large diversity of cables and connectivity products, in stock and ready to ship. If you are planning to buy in high volume, please fill out our Quick Quote form and take advantage of our special volume discounts. Federal Government Customers, please use our convenient GSA Form.

We pride ourselves with providing more than products, we provide interconnect solutions. Our Engineering and Technical Support team is ready to help you with your connectivity project from concept to implementation. We have the design and manufacturing expertise to custom manufacture your cables from the simple to the most complex. We want to be your One-Stop-Source for any of the following areas:

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Coaxial Cables
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Bulk Cable
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Fibre Channel


With our very skilled manufacturing and engineering staff and our zero-defect quality program, we provide the very highest levels of quality and responsive service. We know our success is based upon your satisfaction, and we are committed to work very hard to win and maintain your LOYALTY.


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Bulk Cable - Solid, Stranded
Router Cables -Cisco Equipment
Coax Cables / Cable Harnesses
BNC Connectors, Connector Accessories
Converters - Fiber Converter
D-Sub Connectors
Fibre Channel
DVI Cables, HDMI, Infiniband
Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 - UTP/STP
Connector Plugs, Adapters, Boots
Telco - Cable Assemblies
Network Testers, Cable Testers
Wire Crimpers
USB Flash
WECO - Cable Assemblies
Modular Adapters - RJ45 Adapters
Fiber Attenuators

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1 - 10gb ethernet, Patch cable, fiber, SC to SC connectors, MM 50/125 10 Gig. 50 micron
2 - 13w3, Sun cable, 13W3 MD8 Male to 13W3 MD8 Female
3 - 13w3 vga, Video cable from Sun, DB 13W3 Male to DB 13W3 Female
4 - 15 pin changer gender, Gender Changer, Dsub, DB-15 HD M-M
5 - 15 pin d sub, D-Sub Connector, DB-15 Female Crimp Plug
6 - 25 pair cable, Telco Cable, Cat5, 25 Pair F-F 110 Degree
7 - 25 pair cables, Telco Cable, Category 5, 25 Pairs, M-M, 110 Degree
8 - 3com product, Serial cable, RS-232 DTE straight-through connects to DCE
9 - 8 pin din cable, Apple Cable, DIN8 connectors, MM Mac+ to Imagewriter II
10 - apc product, Fiber optic cable, E2000 APC to E2000 APC, Fiber SM Simplex Cable
11 - backshell connector, Connector backshell, DB-37 D-Sub Plastic Metalized
12 - balun, coax balun, Balun, BNC F to RJ-45 with key Pin 3-4 active
13 - bnc cable, Cable with BNC to BNC connectors, 12 Pack DSX 735 75 ohm
14 - bnc cables, Cable with BNC to BNC connectors, 4 Pack DSX 735, 75ohm
15 - bnc coax connector, Cable connector plug, BNC DSX 735 Male Crimp Plug 75 ohm
16 - bnc connector, F Type PUSH in for RG59 connector
17 - bnc connector rg59, Twist on Male for RG-59/RG-62
18 - bnc connectors, Crimp Plug, RG-58 BNC Male
19 - bnc connectors, T Adapter, 1 BNC Male to 2 BNC Female
20 - bnc video cable, BNC to BNC Cable, 2 Pack DSX 735, 75ohm
21 - bulk cable, Ribbon Cable, bulk, 10 Wire Flat
22 - bulk cable, Data cable with shield, 100 ft Bulk Wire, 25 Wire round
23 - bulk cat 5 cable, Category 5 UTP Bulk Wire, 4 pair, Level 5 Solid, 100MHz PVC 24 AWG, UL GREEN
24 - bulk cat 5e cable, Stranded cat 5, Enhanced Category 5 UTP Bulk Wire, 4 pair, Lev-5 Stranded, 350MHz PVC 24 AWG, UL BLACK
25 - bulk cat 6 cable, Category 6 Bulk Wire UTP 4 pair, Lev-6 Solid PVC 24 AWG, UL RED
26 - bulk cat5 cable, Category 5 Bulk Wire, unshielded twisted pair, 4 pair, Lev 5 Solid, 350MHz PVC 24 AWG, UL GRAY
27 - bulk cat5e cable, Enhanced Category 5 Bulk Wire, UTP, 4 pair, Level 5 Solid, 350MHz PVC 24 AWG, UL BLACK
28 - bulk cat6 cable, Category 6 Bulk Wire, UTP 4 pair, Level 6 Solid, PVC 24 AWG, UL BLUE
29 - bulk coax cable, Coaxial Cable, RG-58 A/U PVC Stranded, 1000ft
30 - bulk coaxial cable, Coax Cable, RG-59 / U PVC Solid, 1000ft
31 - bulk network cable, UTP Cable, Bulk, 4pair, Level 5 Solid 100 MHz PVC 24 AWG, UL RED
32 - bulk network cable, stranded cat 5 cable, Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable, Bulk, 4 pair, Level 5 Stranded 350 MHz PVC 24 AWG, UL YELLOW
33 - bulk phone cable, Phone Cable, 10 Conductor, Silver 28 AWG
34 - bulk phone cable, Telephone Cable, 8 Conductor, Silver 28 AWG
35 - bulk phone cable, UTP cable, Bulk, 2 pair, Level 3 Solid PVC 24 AWG, UL
36 - bulk wire cable, Cat5 Bulk Wire, Unshielded Twisted Pair, 4 pair, Level 5 Stranded, 100 MHz PVC 24 AWG, UL YELLOW
37 - buy fiber optic cable, Fiber Cable, ST to SC Fiber Optic Multimode Patch Cable
38 - cable cat5e utp, Category 5E UTP Cable, BLACK
39 - cable connector, Connector part, DB-25 Backshell, AMTRON
40 - cable connectors, D-Sub connectors, DB-25 Connector Backshell, Plastic Metalized
41 - cable converter, Copper to fiber converter, 100TX to 100FX converter, multimode, SC fiber connector
42 - network hubs, Ethernet hub, 5 port, 10Base-T with cascade port
43 - cable crossover utp, RJ45 Crossover Cable, UTP CAT-6, GREEN
44 - cable installation tool, Extraction Tool for V.35 connector
45 - cable tool, Cable Stripping Tool (Finger Loop)
46 - cable testers, Identification Tool for Local Area Networks (LAN)
47 - cables rg11, Modular Adapter, DB- 25 Male to RJ11 / RJ12, 6 Conductor
48 - cat 3 cable, Category 3 cable, Male Female, 90 Degree Telco Cable, 25 pair
49 - cat 3 cables, Telco Cable, 25 Pair, CAT3 F-x 90 Degree
50 - cat 5 cable tester, Cable tester - RJ-45
51 - cat 5 patch panel, RJ-45 patch panel, 48 Port 10 Base-T
52 - cat 6 utp, Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6 Unshielded Twisted pair, YELLOW
53 - cat 6 utp cables, Gigabit Network Cable, CAT6 Unshielded Twisted Pair, BLACK
54 - cat3 cable, Telco Cable, 25 Pair, CAT3 M-F 110 Degree
55 - rj45 adapter, Modular Adapter, DB-25 F to RJ-45 (8C) - IVORY
56 - cat5 utp, UTP Cable, RJ45 CAT5, GRAY
57 - cat6 patch panel, Patch Panel, CAT6, Wall Mount, 12 Port, 10 Base-T
58 - cat6 utp, Gigabit LAN Cable, CAT-6 UTP, BLUE
59 - cisco cable, Cable for CISCO Routers, CAB V35 FC
60 - cisco cables, Router Cable for Cisco equipment, CAB NP 232 FC
61 - cisco product, Crossover Cable for Cisco router, DTE to DCE, CAB-2626X-10
62 - cisco router, cables, Router Cable for CISCO, CAB-E1-DB15
63 - coax cable, Coaxial cable, SMA to RG-58 BNC Male
64 - coax cable assemblies, Cable Assemblies with BNC connectors, DSX 735, 75 ohm, 8 Pack
65 - coax cable assembly, BNC cable, coaxial DSX 735, 75ohm, 12 Pack
66 - coax cable with weco connector, Weco Cable, 358A to Mini Weco 440 Simplex, DSX, 75ohm
67 - coaxial cable, Cable assembly for coax applications, BNC connectors, DSX 735, 75 ohm, 4 Pack
68 - coaxial cable, Cable assembly, SMA to N- Type FEMALE SINGLE
69 - coaxial cable assembly, BNC cables, DSX 735, 75 ohm cable, 6 Pack
70 - coaxial cable assembly, RG174 coaxial cable, SMA to SMA, Male-Male, SINGLE Cable
71 - coaxial cable with weco connectors, Mini Weco Cable, 440 Simplex, DSX, 75 ohm
72 - connector tool, cable installation tool, Coax tool, BNC, coax cable tool for RG58 / RG59 / RG62
73 - connector tools, Ratchet coax crimping tool for BNC connector, RG58 / RG59 / RG62
74 - crimp tool, Crimping tools, 6 C and 8 C Ratchet Crimper
75 - crossover cable, Crossover cable, enhanced category 5, UTP CAT5E, RJ45 Patch Cable, GREEN
76 - crossover cables, Crossover cable, unshielded twisted pair, CAT6, RJ45, RED
77 - crossover fiber optic cable, Fiber optic cable with MTP fiber connectors, Female 50u-500MHz / KM, crossover, 1-12
78 - crossover utp, Patch Cable, UTP CAT-5E RJ45 Cross-Over, RED
79 - d sub, D sub connector, DB-37 Female Crimp Plug
80 - electronic connector, d sub, D-SUB Connector, DB50 Female Crimp Plug
81 - d sub connector, D-SUB Connector, DB15 Male Crimp Plug
82 - db9 rj11, Modular Adapter, DB-9 Female to RJ-11 / RJ-12, (6C)
83 - db9 rj11 adapter, MMJ, Modular Adapter, DB-9 Female to RJ11 / RJ12, MMJ/DEC, 6C
84 - din cable, Extension cable for Apple, DIN8 M-F Straight through
85 - dsub, idc connector, D37 Female IDC connector for flat ribbon cables
86 - dsub connector, IDC connector for flat ribbon cable, D15 Male
87 - dte dce, Crossover cable for RS-449 interface, DCE to DTE, 3COM Cable
88 - dte dce, Straight-through cable for RS449 interface, DTE to DCE, 3COM Cable
89 - enhanced cat 5 crossover cable, Category 6 cross-over cable, RJ-45 CAT6 UTP Crossover Patch Cable, GREEN
90 - ethernet cable tester, LAN Tester for RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 & BNC connectors w/ Remote Unit
91 - ethernet coupler, Modular Adapter, DB-25 Female to RJ-45 8P10C, 10C
92 - ethernet crossover cable, Category 5E Cable, UTP, RJ-45 connectors, ethernet crossover cable, GREEN
93 - ethernet hub, Network Hub, 5 Port, 10-BaseT ethernet
94 - fiber adapter, MTRJ Mating Adapter SIMPLEX MM
95 - fiber cable, Fiber Optic Cable, E2000 to SC connectors, MM Simplex
96 - fiber channel, Fibre Channel Cable, DB-9 Male to HSSDC 8
97 - fiber channel networking product, Fibre Channel Cable, 1x FCH3P to 1x FCH3P Assembled
98 - fiber converter, Fiber optic converter for Gigabit ethernet, Multi-mode, MT-RJ connector
99 - fiber multimode optical, Multimode Fiber, Optical Cable, BICONIC to SC connectors
100 - fiber optic adapter, Adapter, LC to FC connectors, SIMPLEX
101 - fiber optic adapter, Fiber adapter, ST to SC connectors, SIMPLEX Zirconia, Zinc Alloy, Flange
102 - fiber optic adapters, Fiber adapter, SC to ST connectors, DUPLEX M/M Bronze sleeve, plastic body
103 - fiber optic attenuator, Fiber Attenuator, FC Attenuator for 1310 nm, 10dB
104 - fiber optic cable, Multimode Fiber, BI-CONIC to BI-CONIC Optical Connectors
105 - fiber optic cable assemblies, Fiber Patch Cable, SC to SC Fiber Optic Singlemode Cable
106 - fiber optic cable assembly, Fiber Cable, MU to SC connectors, SM Duplex
107 - fiber optic cables, Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cable, BICONIC to SC Connectors
108 - fiber optic cabling, Fiber Optic Cable, D4 to D4 Connectors, SM Duplex Fiber Cable
109 - fiber optic converter, Converter for Fiber Networks, KTI SM SC 30 KM
110 - fiber optic media converter, Converter for Optical Fiber Applications, KTI MM SC 2 KM
111 - fiber optic patch cord, Optical Fiber Cable, MT-RJ to ST Connectors, multi mode fiber
112 - fiber optic product, Optical Fiber Cable, E-2000 APC to LC Connectors, Fiber SM Duplex Cable
113 - fiber optics, single mode optical fiber, Single mode fiber, BI-CONIC to LC Fiber Optic Cable
114 - fiber optics cable, fddi, Fiber Optic Cable, FDDI to LC connectors, Multimode
115 - fiber optics product, Fiber Optic Cable, Multimode Fiber, VF-45 to VF-45
116 - fiber patch cables, Multimode Fiber Cable, MTRJ to MTRJ Fiber Optic Connectors
117 - firewire cable, IEEE-1394 Firewire, Cable with 6 pin to 6 pin connectors
118 - firewire cables, IEEE 1394 cable, Firewire Interface, 6 pin to 6 pin connectors
119 - gender changers, Gender Changer, DB-15, F-F, D-Sub
120 - gigabit, Fiber optic switches, 1 port 1000 SX fiber optic module, MM, gigabit, SC connectors, 220 M
121 - gigabit ethernet, 1 port 1000BaseT Gigabit UTP module
122 - gigabit ethernet switch, Fiber module, 1 port 1000SX Gigabit, MM SC connectors
123 - gigabit media converter, Fiber Converter for Multimode Networking, SC connectors, Gigabit Ethernet
124 - gigabit switch, Fiber optic module, 1 port, 1000LX, Gigabit, SM, SC, 10 KM
125 - hand crimp tool, BNC Crimping tool for RG58, RG59 and RG62
126 - idc connector, Connectors for ribbon cable, 10 Pin female Ribbon IDC Dual Row socket
127 - idc connectors, IDC connector, 34 Pin female Ribbon IDC Dual Row socket
128 - ieee 1284 printer cable, IEEE 1284 cable for printers, 18 Pair, UL
129 - jack, wall plate, Category 6 wallplate, RJ-45, 8x8 CAT-6 IVORY Standard
130 - jacks, wall plates, RJ-12 Jack, 6x6, 110
131 - keyboard extension cable, Keyboard cable, 5 Pin, Din Style, M-F Straight
132 - lvd, SCSI Cable, MD-68 to MD-68 Flat LVD/SE Terminated 4 Devices
133 - lvd scsi, SCSI cable for 7 Devices, MD68 to MD68 Flat LVD/SE Terminated
134 - media converter, Fiber optic module for KC-3600/3000/1800, 1310nm 10/100TX to 1550nm RX, SM, SC, 20KM
135 - media converters, ISA card with 10BaseTX UTP & BNC connectors, 16 bit ISA combo card
136 - monitor cable, Computer cables, video monitor extension, 9 core M-M
137 - monitor extension cable, Video cable for computer monitors, 9 core M-F
138 - mtrj sc, Fiber patch cable, SC to MTRJ connectors, MM, 50/125, 10Gigabit, 50 micon patchcord
139 - multi mode fiber, Optical fiber products, BICONIC to BICONIC MULTI MODE Fiber Optic Cable
140 - multi mode, single mode, fiber optic, Single mode fiber, BICONIC to SC Fiber Optic Cable
141 - multimode, Multimode Fiber Cable, BICONIC to SC Optic Cable
142 - multimode fiber, Fibre Optic Cable, BICONIC to BICONIC MULTI MODE
143 - multimode fiber optic cable, Fiber product, BICONIC to BICONIC MULTI MODE Fiber Optic Cable
144 - multimode fiber optic cable, Single mode optical fiber, ST to SC Fiber Optic, Singlemode Cable
145 - network card, NIC card, PCI, 10/100Base-TX Network Interface Card w/WOL DEC/Intel Chipset
146 - network hub, LAN hub, 32 Port 10-BaseT, Rack Mount Type
147 - network patch panel, Cat5e patch panel, 24 Port 100Base-T, RJ45 patch panel Shielded
148 - optic fiber, Fiber patch cable, MT-RJ to SC Fiber Optic Multimode Cable
149 - optical attenuator, Fiber optic attenuator, 10dB ST Attenuator for 1550nm
150 - optical fiber, BICONIC to SC SINGLE MODE Fiber Optic Cable
151 - parallel printer cable, Printer cable, 25 pin
152 - patch cord, Patch cable for copper networking, RJ45 SHIELDED CAT-5E Patch Cord, BLUE
153 - pci card, PCI Cards, 10/100BaseTX PCI Network Card w/WOL, Boot ROM, Realtek chipset
154 - phone coupler, DB-15 Male to RJ11 / RJ12 (6C) Modular Adapter
155 - printer cable, IEEE 1284 printer cable, 18PR, UL
156 - rg58, Coaxial cable, SMA to RG-58 Male RG58 SINGLE Cable
157 - rg58 cable, SMA cables, SMA to RG58 Male RG58 SINGLE Cable
158 - rj 45 connector, Connector accessories, RJ45 Boot GRAY
159 - rj 45 connectors, Connector parts, RJ45 Boot YELLOW
160 - rj12, Cable adapter, DB-9 Male to RJ11 / RJ12 (6C) MMJ/DEC Modular Adapter
161 - rj45 connector, Electronic connectors, 6P4C Flat cable / wire Plugs, Bags of 100
162 - rj45 connectors, Connectors, 8P10C for Twisted cable / wire (Bags of 100) Plugs
163 - rj45 coupler, Network Adapters, 8x8 Shielded RJ-45 Inline Coupler
164 - rj45 patch panel, Network patch panel, 8 Port 10Base-T CAT-5E RJ45 Shielded
165 - scsi 2, External SCSI 2 cable, 0.8 mm UHD Centronics 68M / 52M
166 - scsi 3, SCSI3 Cable, Single Twisted Pair Flat Cable
167 - scsi cable, ATA Cable, Dual / ATA100 Round Cable
168 - scsi cables, Low Voltage Differential SCSI Cable, MD-68 to MD-68 Flat LVD/SE Terminated 2 Devices
169 - scsi connector, SCSI 2 connector for Flat cable, AMP 50 SCSI-II IDC F, 786161-5
170 - scsi connectors, Connector for flat ribbon cable, DB68 Male half pitch - Flat ribbon type
171 - scsi terminator, SCSI, Internal Terminator, 52 Pin IDS Female to D68 F HP
172 - sma cable, Coax cable assembly, SMA to RG58 BNC Male SINGLE Cable
173 - sma cables, RG 174, coaxial cable, SMA to SMA Male RG174 SINGLE Cable
174 - stp cable, STP, Shielded Twisted Pair cable, RJ45, Cat-5 Shielded Cable GRAY
175 - stp cable, Category 6 patch cable, RJ45 CAT-6 Patch Cord, GRAY
176 - stp cables, Cat6 patch cable, STP, RJ45 CAT-6 Patch Cord GRAY
177 - sun cables, VGA cable, 13W3 Female to HD-15 VGA Male
178 - super vga, Super VGA Cable, Male to Female, Molded Video Cable, CLT-2
179 - super vga, cable, Super VGA cable for extended distances, Male to Male, Molded CLT-2
180 - super vga, cables, Super VGA cable, Male to Female, Molded UL2919
181 - switchbox, Printer switch box, 2 way Bi-directional IEEE 1284
182 - t1 cable, T1 Cable, D15 M to D15 M, Straight pinned
183 - t1 cables, T1 crossover cable, RJ48 to RJ48 T1 Cable, Crossed pinned
184 - t1 crossover cable, Cable for T1 line, D15 M to D15 M, Crossed pinned
185 - t1 crossover cables, D15 M to RJ48, T1 Cross-Over Cable, Crossed pinned
186 - telco cable, Telco Cable, 25 Pair, CAT-3, F-F, 110 Degree
187 - telco cables, Telco Cable, 25PR CAT-3, M-M, 90 Degree
188 - telco connector, Champ Connector, Female 52 Champ Receptacle AMP 229913-1
189 - telco connectors, Category 5 Connector, Male 50 Plug LUCENT 90d 107487526
190 - twinax connector, Balun, Twinax F to RJ-45 w/key Pin 4-5 active
191 - ultra scsi, .8mm cable, SCSI, UHD Centonics 68M / Centronics 52M
192 - ultra320, Ultra SCSI cable, MD-68 to MD-68, 7 Devices - No termination
193 - ultra320 scsi, ultra 320 scsi, MD68 to MD68 6 Devices - No termination
194 - utp, Bulk cat6 cable, Unshielded Twisted Pair, 4pr, Lev-6 Solid, PVC 24AWG, UL GREEN
195 - utp 10 1000, CAT-6 Cable for gigabit networking, UTP GIGABIT Cable GRAY
196 - utp cable, Bulk cat 6 cable, UTP 4pr, Lev-6 Stranded PVC 24AWG, UL GRAY
197 - utp cable, CAT-5 UTP Patch Cable, RJ45 connectors, YELLOW
198 - utp cable, CAT-5E UTP Cable, 350 MHz YELLOW
199 - utp cables, cat 5 patch cables, Cat-5 UTP Cable BLUE
200 - utp cables, CAT-5E UTP Cable WHITE
201 - utp cat 5, Cat 5 ethernet cable, CAT-5 UTP Cable RED
202 - v.35, V.35 Cable, DCE Female to Smart Serial, Cable for CISCO Router
203 - v.35 cable, V.35 interface cable, V.35 M to V.35 M CAB-V35MTS CISCO Router Cable
204 - v.35 cables, V.35 Cable, DTE Male to Smart Serial, CISCO Router Cable
205 - variable attenuator, Fiber optic attenuator, Variable FC Air-Gap Attenuator
206 - variable attenuators, Fiber attenuators, Variable ST Air-Gap Attenuator
207 - vga switchbox, Video Switch box for 4 monitors, 1 x PC to 4 VGA Monitors
208 - vhdci, SCSI-2 cable, VHDCI 68 Male / HPD52 SCSI-II Male 25 pair cable
209 - vhdci cables, SCSI cable assembly, VHDCI 68 Male / VHDCI 68 Male Male 34 pair cable
210 - video switchbox, Switch box for 8 Monitors, 1 x PC to 8 VGA Monitors
211 - wire connector, IDC connector for Flat Ribbon cables, D9 Female
212 - wire connectors, D37 Female IDC Flat Ribbon D-SUB Connector



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