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Our company is a cable assembly manufacturer offering standard and custom fiber optics cable assemblies. Please browse and buy from our secure On-Line Store or request More Info and a Quick Quote for Quantity/Custom Orders.

If you are a Federal Government Customer, please use our GSA Form. We offer competitive prices for quality cabling products, excellent technical assistance and service and an Extended Warranty.

Hermaphroditic Cables are "Self Mating" which allows easy linking cables without regard to the connector gender.  Availabe 2, 4, 8 and 12 Fiber connections.
Tactical Cables with expanded beam fiber connectors allow to arrange connection between headquaters and subaltern points in field conditions in a very short time, for example the flexible 2-6 fibres 6mm outer diameter optical cables have high crush and strain relief resistance and rugged field repairable connector design. The wide range of cable drums has been developed to facilitate the storage and manipulation with cable coils. The drums are designed to store up to 500m tactical cable. Low weight of cable coils allow easy network reconfiguration in field conditions.

Multi-Fiber Cable Assemblies - we manufacture Multifiber Singlemode / Multimode factory polished fiber cables. The counts are from 1 to 144 fibers of your choice and connector style and breakout instructions. Just call us with with your specification.

Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer for all your Computer Network Needs!

Products in Store:

Bulk Cable - Solid, Stranded
Router Cables -Cisco Equipment
Coax Cables / Cable Harnesses
BNC Connectors, Connector Accessories
Converters - Fiber Converter
D-Sub Connectors
Fibre Channel
DVI Cables, HDMI, Infiniband
Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 - UTP/STP
Connector Plugs, Adapters, Boots
Telco - Cable Assemblies
Network Testers, Cable Testers
Wire Crimpers
USB Flash
WECO - Cable Assemblies
Modular Adapters - RJ45 Adapters
Fiber Attenuators

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