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 10gb ethernet  

Twelve convincing reasons why you should choose Kustomer

Find out why it's time to ditch your old CX and choose kustomer data migration services, your leading, modern, and efficient customer service functionality. What does every manager want? The professional growth of your company is likely. Achieving a certain activity level can sometimes mean keeping everything under control. In addition, most operations cannot be done manually and efficiently. Many processes require time and money. Therefore, entrepreneurs no longer choose business automation. This option can significantly reduce costs and increase the efficiency of running your business. Since the program performs many operations on behalf of employees, the number of errors and financial losses are reduced. You can precisely manage your business and make the best business decisions. With support, you can create work plans for your employees and monitor their implementation. Automation programs are suitable for working with commercially available devices. Let's consider 12 key reasons why you should use the services offered by Kustomer.

Reason #1. Connect agents to your customer base

Kustomer aggregates customer data from internal or third-party sources, giving your agents a holistic view of the customer's experience with your company. From past conversations to pending orders to lifetime spending, there's no limit to the customer information you can share with your sales reps in Kustomer. In addition, teams can not only visualize data but also act on it. It does not matter, for example, if you need to return a new order or change the delivery address. Agents can see and do everything without leaving Kustomer.

Reason #2. Unique timeline display

All of this customer data is organized and displayed on a timeline. The intuitive and fully customizable Timeline provides agents with an easy-to-use workspace. This workspace offers a complete and actionable view of the entire history of customer interactions with your brand without having to switch between tabs. As a result, Timeline puts the customer at the center of Kustomer's experience, allowing them to take a customer-centric approach to support.

Reason #3. True multi-channel support

Omnichannel customer support starts with giving you the freedom to communicate with customers the way they want to, through voice, web and mobile chat, email, text, and social media. However, unlike other solutions, it doesn't stop there. Kustomer painstakingly analyzes the confidential support that usually arises in each channel. By tracking all customer requests and agent responses on a timeline, regardless of medium, agents can fully understand the nature of the request in real time, even if the customer switches channels during the transaction. Proper multi-channel customer support means helping customers across channels and presenting data and stories to agents so customers can move forward without duplicating or back-tracking information. You can continue the conversation meaningfully.

Reason #4. Meaningful communication

Kustomer is built for agents and customers to communicate: personal conversations between real people. As such, the Kustomer platform is designed to provide agents with a complete timeline of each customer's experience. It stays as a reminder on your Timeline even after the conversation ends.

Reason #5. The content of each conversation

A combination of customer conversations and events on the customer's Timeline, these reminders provide context for every conversation an agent has with a customer. Armed with the proper context and understanding of how customers feel through Kustomer sentiment analysis, agents feel more confident, answer questions faster and resolve first calls more quickly, and are poised to reduce time to resolution. Ultimately, Kustomer provides teams with a holistic, data-driven approach that manages each conversation well and maximizes each customer's overall experience and lifetime value.

Reason #6. Maximum automation of your work process

Eliminate tedious and inefficient manual tasks, enrich the data stored in Kustomer, fully automate work processes, and get the most out of your platform. Kustomer's multi-step workflows and business logic allow you to automate even the most complex operations. You can also extend your workflows to use data and events from connected external systems to support automation in Kustomer. While the workflow can automate complex tasks, it's easy to customize, so you don't have to spend valuable development resources adapting the technology to your needs.

Reason #7. Optimization of queue management

Kustomer helps reduce customer wait and transaction times by maximizing team utilization without overloading agents through automated intelligent multi-channel queue management processes. Instead of sending tasks or requiring agents to select conversations to route customers to the right agent, you can queue communication-based on specific conversations and customer attributes. Kustomer intelligently queues calls from each channel and routes them to automatically assigned agents based on task priority, queued agent availability, and bandwidth.

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Reason #8. Active participation

Kustomer offers agents an additional personalized interaction that "enchants" customers and builds long-term loyalty. Analyze and track customer activity and optimize customer journeys with informed actions through agents, marketing programs, and automation tools. Are you expecting a delivery delay? Is the website down for maintenance? Starting a new campaign? By creating follow-up alerts, customers can be easily found by quickly segmenting them; agents can proactively alert customers and notify them before they know they have a problem and deliver a solution to the problem.

Reason #9. Transparent and active cooperation

Enable productive collaboration with other teams by tagging internal collaborators. An agent can interview another agent or another person from the company, for example, invite to an interview. Features like notes, follow-ups, and mentions give agents the tools to collaborate effectively with other teams, allowing different team members to help customers effectively.

Reason #10. Strong integration

Kustomer is designed to combine APIs, webhooks, and workflows to quickly and securely add new integrations. Traditional CX and CRM solutions require complex and expensive implementations and may involve external service providers. The Kustomer platform can efficiently process and work with information from other systems, including local systems. Kustomer works actively with the methods you use in your business, whether it's expanding your customer data, expanding your channel reach, helping with data analysis, or improving your team's productivity. Kustomer's customer service team is happy to help and advise you in creating the processes and work tools your company needs.

Reason #11. Ensuring security and compliance

Kustomer believes that their customers' trust in them is paramount. Customers expect their applications always to be available and working, protecting their data and maintaining privacy. Security requires multiple layers of protection in the application environment. Safety starts with group policies and procedures; practical tools for continuous security monitoring and automation must be integrated into the software development lifecycle. It also includes the services of third-party partners and trained security experts who provide advice, ensures compliance, and review security across all areas of the organization. Kustomer also recognizes that compliance with industry security standards is a top priority for customers, which is why they support compliance with standards such as SOC and GDPR.

Reason #12. Making modern decisions

Find out why it's time to ditch legacy technology and move to a trustworthy next-generation omnichannel platform. Start providing transparent, consistent, and personalized service that treats customers like people, not problems to be solved.

All you need to do to get started is a 5-minute interview. Let's begin active cooperation!

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